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Paving my own path while still rooted in musical traditions - my work as flutist and composer crosses musical boundaries and redefines them with the aim of reconnecting music with society. 

The following is a brief introduction about all of the projects I am involved in and have initiated:


das kurze festival


"das kurze festival" or the short festival will take place in Zürich on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2016 for the first time! It is a festival dedicated to new and innovative musical projects with a focus on collaboration. It will bring musicians from all over the world together for three days - three concerts - three hours to perform in an intimate and unexpected space.

For more information go to the festival website at or contact them at or reserve your place for one of the concerts at the same email address.

1st of December at 7:30pm

Roundtable – ohne Worte

A very special discussion with all the musicians of the festival followed by the premier screening of "3 miniatures" by Lucas Jordan and the piece "ohne worte" by Benjamin Ryser

2nd December at 8:00pm

Città Invisibili 

(scroll down for more information on this project)

with Lucas Jordan (flute), Georgia Knower (mezzo-soprano) and Elena Cappelletti (cello and dance)

3rd December at 7:30pm

WGC Heritage

Worldwide Guitar Connections a project created by Fabricio Mattos in 2011. WGC Heritage creates a dialogue between music and culture of the 19th century and today. It will be performed on the specially built by Heehong Kim (Alma Guitar, South Korea) guitar following the model of Johann Georg Stauffer. Music of the 19th Century by Fernando Sor, Luigi Legnani, Václav Tomáš Matějka and Franz Schubert - Music of today by HuanQi Lin, Lucas Jordan and Mauro Bonelli


Città Invisibili (Invisible Cities):

Inspired by the remarkable novel of metaphors by Italo Calvino this project opens up the conversation about what a city can represent, how it affects us, but also how we and our artistic output affects it. How do cities reflect our lives and can they mirror inner features of human beings?

With Calvino, cities transform into living organisms at the boundary between reality and imagination, they transcend into metaphorical expression much as Kublai Kahn illustrates by using a chessboard and its pieces to recreate the cities Marco Polo explains to him.

Like Marco Polo and Kublai Kahn we aim to create a dialog around hidden, invisible cities shaped as the reflection of memories, desires, fears, signs, exchanges, deaths, names, eyes. By following the structure of the book and by using diverse artistic means of performance, such as music, spoken word and dance, we embark on an inter-disciplinary journey into the human condition, thought and experience. 

Lucas Jordan, flute
Georgia Knower, mezzo-soprano
Elena Cappelletti, cello

Featuring music by  J. S. Bach, A. Pärt, T. Takemitsu, C. Debussy,  A. Dvorak, W. Gluck, C. Saint-Saëns, Schostakovitsch, Stravinsky, Mussorgsky and others.

Premiere performance on the 2nd December 2016 at 8pm during "das kurze festival" in Zurich Switzerland!

Short Films - "three miniatures"


This is an innovative composition project that took from 2011 to 2015 to complete. The original idea was to premier my "three miniatures" (2011 - 2013) in the form of short films instead of a live performance. Each short film explores the relationship between music and image and through this dialogue express the narrative of each miniature in an attractive new format.

Another short film since the inaugural "three miniatures" has been the video score for the prelude of "preludiofuga I" for viola da gamba. Watch and follow me on vimeo or here.


The Sharp Gents


d#Gents is a creative enterprise that explores new collaborations and concert formats. From the website:

"Inspired by a multitude of events in their lives, Lucas Jordan and Fabricio Mattos, one sunny afternoon in a café after a rehearsal, concluded that their favourite performance spaces were the intimate and cosy ones. Spaces that allow musicians to directly communicate the inherent message of pieces to listeners. At that moment they realized how amazing it would be to stage concerts in someone's living room, and from this idea emerged the concept d#Gents | re:staging music." 

(visual design by Renata Reis)

Prelude in d# minor BWV 853 by Johann Sebastian Bach:


The Poetry and Music Ensemble


In 2012, while living at Goodenough College, he met Audrey Ardern-Jones, a poet and nurse, who has a long standing project called the poetry and music ensemble. So, they soon started collaborating on poetry and music recitals and were joined by Fabricio Mattos, guitar. 

Performances have included recitals at Royal Overseas League (Women's Poetry of WWI), the Edith Cavell Commemoration at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London and opening of the Suffragette Exhibition at the Bourne Hall Museum in Epsom.


Wenn sich gestern mit heute vermischt


When yesterday mixes with today: 

In 2008 I joined with two great and like-minded musicians - Isaï Angst, clarinetist and Benjamin Ryser, cellist - and the went off on a exploration of intense discovery and launched a tour through Switzerland in 2010 and 2011 with generous support from the "Momento Stiftung" performing in unexpected venues throughout the country leaving our audiences in awe. Some of these discoveries and ideas I put together in an essay "die Stück-Idee" at the Royal Academy of Music later in 2013 and in a "manimprofest" co-authored with Benjamin Ryser in 2008. We created a programme featuring and mixing past composers and contemporary composition tecniques and all improvised on the spot.

(visual design by Dylan Spencer-Davidson)

Excerpt of the piece "Wenn Schubert aus Argentinien käme..." (If Schubert had been born in Argentina...) :


Music and Dance


He was one of the founding members of the Dialoge Improvisation Company Zurich/Berlin from 2009 - 2012, which is made up of musicians and dancers exploring the intrinsic relationship between the music and dance.

It has currently expanded to exploring "trans-disciplinary concepts and ideas in a variety of ways. Movement, space, sound and word existing equally next to each other make up the performance as a whole. The company is run on a project-to-project basis and the members meet throughout the year to perform and create." 

This photo was taken in Berlin, 2009, during "Dialoge VI". Originally a study week conceived by Natalia Sidler and Gisler Müller, in which music students of the ZHdK spent a week working with international dancers exploring improvisation in both fields - that year the participants decided to continue this work, founding the Dialoge Improvisation Company.