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Speaking through the flute?

Photo credits: Sonia Ott



Perhaps due to my broken relationship with languages - learning a new one every four years in my childhood - music, the most constant part of my life, started to feel and sound a lot like a language. In search of a remedy for the latter broken relationship I began to treat music a lot like a language. It seemed only logical, music is considered a form of universal language after all. Playing the flute became the equivalent of being able to speak and articulate words - ideally understanding these words as well.  This took the idea of playing expressively to the very concrete level of saying something. To achieve this I am in a constant development of richness of sound, versatility of tonal colours and articulation, agility and flexibility of the sound - ideally resulting in an evocative style of playing that resembles the richness of expression of a great actor and smoothness and beauty of a great voice rather than sounding like a flute.

C. Debussy - La fille aux cheveux de lin (arranged by T. Walker)

"Paving his own path while still rooted in musical traditions, Lucas Jordan graduated from the Royal Academy of Music under tuition of renowned flutists William Bennett, Emily Beynon, Samuel Coles and Patricia Morris (piccolo) succeeding his studies at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK - University of the Arts Zurich) with flutist Matthias Ziegler, Philippe Racine and Pamela Stahel (Piccolo). During his time at the ZHdK he studied conducting - apart from composition - under tuition from Nathan Brock and Mark Kissoczy. His musical talents were recognised early on and he was accepted into the "Kunst und Sport Gymnasium am Rämibühl" - a specialised high-school for talented young musicians, dancers and athletes in Switzerland.
A prize-winning and innovative flutist whose work crosses musical boundaries and redefines them with the aim of reconnecting music with today's society, Lucas regularly creates new projects in order to fulfil this need. 

Current projects include "Città Invisibili" and "das kurze festival - 1st edition". In 2013 after co-curating “The Music of Brazil” concerts at the Royal Academy of Music, he co-founded "d♯Gents | re:staging music" with guitarist Fabricio Mattos, which focuses on creating concerts in intimate and
unexpected spaces. 

Further examples of such projects are “Wenn heute sich mit gestern vermischt” (2009 – 2011) with support awarded by the “momento stiftung” (Switzerland), his collaborations on “abendsfrüh” family concert series in Switzerland and “Music for Nepal” with pianist Nafis Umerkulova
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Outreach work has included the premiere of "World Filling Light" for London Olympics 2012 at Wigmore Hall with the Ignite Ensemble and Westminster's "Music in Schools" with pianist Fiachra Garvey. 

abendsfrüh 10/11:

These exciting projects, that have led him to perform around the world, slowly reveal that the intimacy of smaller spaces allow for closer contact with the audience giving each performance and piece a bigger sense of narrative and connection. Though, as a freelance flutist, he has enjoyed performing with several orchestras in prestigious concert halls (such as the Barbican, Queen Elisabeth Hall and St. Johns Smith Square in London) his focus aims at smaller more flexible ensembles and continuous collaborations with other musicians, sometimes dancers, poets and actors. These include Petya Mihneva, Nafis Umerkulova (pianists), Elena Cappelletti (cellist), the Alauda Quartet, il Terzetto, Audrey Ardern-Jones (poet), Georgia Tegou (dancer) and others.

M. Ravel - "très vif" from Sonata for flute and cello (arranged by L. Jordan)


NoaNoa by Kaija Saariaho:

Performing the music of living composers is also very important to him making up an extensive part of his repertoire. Notable experiences have been working with established composers such as Helmut Lachenmann, Klaus Huber, Isabel Mundry, Mario Ferraro, Rhian Samuel, Jörg Widmann and several emerging young composers such as Greg Giamougiannis, Philippe Venobles, Igor Maia, Clinton Haycraft and many others. In 2009 he worked with Gary Berger in Zurich on a performance of "NoaNoa" by Kaija Saariaho for flute and live-electronics.

He is very grateful to the Alfred und Isle Stammer-Mayer Stiftung (Switzerland) for a partial grant for his studies at the Royal Academy of Music and the LYRA Stiftung for their a scholarships that allowed me to visit the "Académie de Musique de Chambre" in Blonay, Switzerland and "William Bennett’s International Flute Summer School" in UK."

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